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Managed Identity Recovery restores a stolen or compromised identity. Business owners may enroll to provide unlimited identity recovery services as a benefit to employees and their families. It also provides recovery assistance on a limited basis for the business identity.

How does it work?

When a person suspects an identity theft has occurred, he or she calls a 24/7 toll-free number to reach identity recovery professionals who will immediately begin investigating the case and taking the necessary steps to recover the compromised identity.

What is identity theft?
Identity theft occurs when someone fraudulently becomes you. Your identity can be used to take out a loan, to get healthcare, or to commit crimes.

Did you know? 
Your business is at risk for identity theft and it is not covered by consumer protection laws.

Managed Identity Recovery Services

  • Employees

    Protect your company with managed identity recovery for all employees and their family members.

  • Business

    Your business is at risk for identity theft and it is not covered by consumer protection laws. MS Privacy Solutions can provide assistance in the event of fraud.

  • Agents

    Insurance and employee benefits agents may resell MS Privacy Solutions services to their customers. Contact us for details.


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